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Time for Knowledge Exchange and Science Communication: „Open Humboldt Freiräume“ funds three professors and one postdoc

The funded projects and researchers for the new round of the "Open Humboldt Freiräume" funding line have been selected. The Open Humboldt expert group has recommended four applications for funding. The President and the Vice Presidents of HU Berlin have followed this recommendation and will fund the following four projects in the summer semester 2022 and winter semester 2022/2023:

Dr. Anna Beniermann (Postdoc), Faculty of Life Sciences, Department of Biology, project title: Gameplay in urban spaces: Science communication on climate change using the computer game "TRAIN 4 Science" (summer semester 2022)

Knowledge about the harmfulness of meat consumption to the climate does not directly result in renunciation, even if people perceive a world without the consumption of animal products as ideal. Such connections between knowledge, personal attitudes, and intentions to act in the context of climate change and climate action will be examined in more detail in the project through a multilateral dialogue with citizens. For this purpose, the computer game "TRAIN 4 Science" will be used on streets and public places in Berlin, in which citizens make meaningful decisions and then enter into a dialogue with other players and scientists. In this way, the participants not only learn something about themselves, but their reflection also helps to answer open research questions about attitudes and planned behavior in the context of socially controversial science issues.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Niewöhner, Faculty of Philosophy, Institute of European Ethnology / IRI THESys, project title: The Wildenbruch-Lab (summer semester 2022)


What might just and healthy co-existence look like in cities? What role can and should scientific knowledge play in it? What does this mean for a specific street in Berlin? The WIldenbruch-Lab wants to set up an open co-design process with residents of the Wildenbruchstraße (Neukölln/Alt-Treptow) to debate and imagine environmentally just and healthy futures.

Prof. Dr. Jule Specht, Faculty of Life Sciences, Department of Psychology, project title: PerSociety: a digital exchange platform on Personality and Society (summer semester 2022) (SoSe 2022)

The goal of "PerSociety" is to link personality psychology with sociopolitical debates. As part of the project, a new digital exchange platform with an interactive blog will be built, that includes short videos featuring conversations with - among others - people from academia and civil society. The project builds on the exploration project 'Social Cohesion and Civil Society' of the Berlin University Alliance and links it with teaching content in personality psychology as well as an interregional initiative on cooperative teaching in personality psychology.

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Verhoeven, Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaftliche Fakultät, Institut für Deutsche Sprache und Linguistik, Projekttitel: Berlin Spricht! Exploring urban linguistic diversity, empowering language communities, strengthening ties to science (winter semester 2022/23)

This project investigates the linguistic diversity of Berlin's urban space and contributes to the preservation of societal and individual multilingualism by empowering speakers of small languages and language communities and through dialogue with the public: Berlin's linguistic diversity will be recorded using a citizen science approach and visualised in a language map; an online platform will be developed to present Berlin's languages and speakers and their interests; the results of the project will be disseminated to the public with the aim of raising awareness of the value of linguistic diversity as part of humanity's cultural heritage and reflecting on current processes of urban multilingualism.

What does „OpenHumboldt Freiräume“ offer?

The funded scientists will be granted a leave of absence for one semester with continued salary. Teaching responsibilities and other institutional duties are suspended during this time. The Berlin University Alliance provides the institute at which the scientists are employed with personnel funds to finance the replacement position.
The new funding line Open Humboldt Freiräume was established at HU Berlin in summer semester 2021. Its goal is to foster knowledge exchange between research and society. The focus is on the idea that researchers need enough time to engage in dialogue with society and to develop projects in the field of knowledge exchange / transfer / science communication.
In the new call for proposals for Open Humboldt Freiräume for 2022/23, a total of eleven applications were submitted.


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