Science in the Dinosaur Hall

Since 2016, the Humboldt University of Berlin and the Museum of Natural History Berlin have been inviting guests to be transported into the fascinating world of science through the lecture series "Science in the Dinosaur Hall" held in the ambience of the Dinosaur Hall.

"Science in the Dinosaur Hall" continues the tradition of the Humboldt ideal of communicating research and science in Berlin. High-profile scientists from all areas of the natural and life sciences present their latest research results in understandable and captivating lectures in German. They transport listeners to foreign worlds, solve nature's riddles and visualise abstract phenomena. The range of topics extends from neuroscience, primate behaviour and animal migration to medicine and climate change.

The lectures last 45 minutes each and take place once a month in a loose sequence, with the exception of the summer break. Following the lectures, we invite you to an exclusive visit to the museum until 22:00. All lectures will be recorded and published.

Communicating Science

Research is one of the decisive driving forces for solving major social problems. Nevertheless, the general public, especially in Berlin, does not yet adequately appreciate research. The Museum of Natural History Berlin (MfN) and the Life Sciences Faculty of the Humboldt University Berlin feel a responsibility to bring the content of modern research to the general public and to get people excited about science.


Inform yourself here online about the current events of "Wissenschaft im Sauriersaal".


Mariana Bulaty
Referentin Marketing, Fundraising
+49 (0)30.2093 12727


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Invalidienstraße 43
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