Theater of the Anthropocene

Key visual of the Theater of the Anthropocene

Key visual of the Theater of the Anthropocene

(© Illustration: Tanja Ebbecke)

#Anthropocene #Environment #Sustainability #Climate change

The Theatre of the Anthropocene is conceived around the fundamental conflict "Man and Nature in the Anthropocene" and, by means of the stage and urban interventions, promotes intensive cooperation and networking between artists, scientists, designers and civil society. The concept is based on Humboldt's idea that only an intact bond between man and nature, tied together by knowledge and experience, empathy and emotion, can be the basis of a sustainable civilisation.

On stage, anthropocene issues such as emissions and the atmosphere, ocean acidification and the loss of biodiversity are theatrically exposed, as are questions of law and justice, animal and natural rights. Special formats of the theater also introduce children and young people to the current debate on climate and species protection in a sensitive and vivid way. In addition, urban expeditions are coupled with initiatives of the city society.

The Theatre of the Anthropocene is characterised by openness, which also means that they are happy to take on board suggestions to topics, events and actors, and they are in general very interested in possibilities for cooperation and networking with actors from both science and art. Please feel free to contact us!



The Theater of the Anthropocene is always interested in references to themes, events and actors and is interested in cooperation and networking – Please feel free to contact us!


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